My beer epilogue

I live in Texas and consider myself a moderate Beer drinker. Being in my 40’s I have moved past the mass consumption phase that most American men consider a right of passage. I now tend to drink 2-3 beers at a setting and focus more on quality of the beer than quantity. Living in Texas I enjoy a few local beers in our blossoming local micro brew market and a few Mexican beers, but I am not a huge fan of most American beers. I drink Michelob Ultra on occasion because it set out to do what it accomplished, be a truly light beer without many carbs. When I am looking towards a more flavorful experience I look to foreign beers.¬†Guinness,¬†Stella, Bohemia, Becks, St Pauli Girl just to name a few that you may be familiar with. But, there are so many more that people haven’t heard and more importantly, that I haven’t tried. I hope to review those here as I stumble across them.