Fat Tire Amber Ale

Fat Tire Amber Ale is brewed by New Belgium Brewing out of Colorado. It is a light clear amber in color and has a mildly sweet smell to it. It has a decent head but not too much.   The real suprise is the flavor. It is a well balanced blend of malt and hops. You aren’t left with a bitter aftertaste or a feeling that the beer is too heavy.   This is my first foray with this beer and I am quite pleasantly impressed with the overall richness and flavor. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a new flavor to try.

4 out of 5 burps.

2 thoughts on “Fat Tire Amber Ale

  1. I was wondering if any genetically engineered ingredients are ending up in real ale beers? either from crops or yeast?

    I do not know if this is written on any of the labels?

  2. ok, this is probably my favorite lighter beer (on the lighter end of the scale) of all time. i actually toured the belgium brewery facilities. totally free tour and you leave feeling pretty good. belgium is probably my favorite micro, but alas i live in utah… where wasatch is where its at.

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