Franconia Dunkel Review

Franconia_Dunkel_clearI’m a Dallasite and recently a local Dallas brewer arrived on the scene to start making German inspired beers. Franconia Brewery, as they are known makes several beers, including this Dunkel.  I have tried a couple of their beers to date and have been underwhelmed thus far.  On their site, they call their dunkel:

“Dark Lager with some Mocca notes and a dark chocolate finish.”

I have had this beer twice now and while it takes a stab at being a German beer, it almost seems like it is trying to Americanize the German beer experience by taking a normally Dark malty Dunkel and watering it down to resemble a big American brewery beer. You are simply left wanting more flavor. Its almost like drinking air. Too light for my buds and hard to even call it a dunkel without rolling your eyes. 2 out of 5 burps.

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