Saint Arnold Lawnmower

Saint Arnold Microbrewery is out of Houston, Tx, which, since I am a Texan, makes me proud. Unfortunately this particular beer doesn’t have a Texas sized taste to it. It has a lot of carbonization and a decent malty flavor to it but it lacks a real punch in the flavor area. The brew master seems to have held back on this beer in the flavor department. I am not saying it is a bad beer, it has a pleasant smell, but it is just too bland and unidimensional. Overall I would rate it 2.5 burps out of 5.

2 thoughts on “Saint Arnold Lawnmower

  1. I think to really appreciate this beer, you need to be doing manual labor on a 100 degree Texas summer afternoon. It certainly doesn’t have the punch of an IPA, but it sure does go down easy and makes something like mowing the lawn a little more fun!

  2. dude, if you ever find yourself in utah (which would probably mean you’re lost) email me… we’ll hit the wasatch brewery in park city… first pitcher’s on me.

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