Sierra Nevada Porter

This beer comes in a short stock brown bottle with a sky blue label which seems so inviting I had to try one. They are brewed in Chico, CA and is moderately carbonated.  It has a pleasant subtle smell to it of malt and barley.  The flavor is where I get slightly short changed. I suppose not every brewer out there wants to make a nice rich tasting stout porter but this porter is a little more mild than my taste buds care for.  It leaves you wanting more flavor and the aftertaste is just too dry for me.   The bottle says it uses the highest quality ingredients and uses old world traditions. I am not clear exactly what that entails but I don’t think they used much brown malt.

Over all I would give it 3 out of 5 burps.

One thought on “Sierra Nevada Porter

  1. Have you ever tried Magic Hat’s Ravell Porter? It has a much fuller body and taste then Sierra Nevada’s Porter. It’s good stuff, yum. If you’ve never heard of Magic Hat they’re brewers based out of Vermont, USA. Damn Hippies!

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