Cooper’s Lager Beer

I ate at Outback Steakhouse last night ( an Australian? Steakhouse chain) and decided to have a couple of Cooper’s Lager Beers. I actually thought it was a pretty decent beer. It had mild carbonization and nice amber color. The flavor was a little on the lighter site than I prefer, but it had a nice fruity flavor and went down easily. No discernible aftertaste, over all a pleasant lager if you don’t want a heavier beer.

3 out of 5 burps

4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Lager Beer

  1. I saw some stories recently about Coopers Beer on a website I visit regualy- they make some tasty products. They are from South Australia and have so far been able to keep family ownership, although the Big guys keep on trying to take them over.

  2. have you had any of the hopper’s beer? its pretty much the worst stuff next to american beer. i had a hefeweisen today with lunch at red robin from hoppers and it tasted kind of like the cereal ‘total’. awful aftertaste.

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