Craft and Growler Beer Station

I don’t usually do reviews of local bars, but I was impressed with one of



Dallas’ newest beer joints, Craft and Growler ( who desperately needs a website, by the way). This bar is one of the new style beer joints popping up in Dallas that are focused on local Texas microbreweries and their beer selections. Almost all the beer on their 30 or so taps was from our state and they have an interesting methodology of adding CO2 gas into the growler prior to the pour that keeps the beer better carbonated longer and most importantly slows the beer’s trip to flatsville while it is in your fridge. We were told it would stay fresh for as long as 2 weeks in your home.

I like those odds, even though no beer ever stays in my fridge for 2 weeks, unless someone brought over some crap and left it behind. Then it will be forced on some unsuspecting guest…but, I digress.

The Old Real Estate

Craft and Growler is located at 3601 Parry Avenue across from the State Fair. It is nestled in the haggard corner of


an old historic building in great juxtaposition to the slick electric DART rail across the street, which flies by carelessly every 20 minutes in silence. What I liked about the bar was that it reminded me of an old beer tavern with large, long, wooden tables, high ceilings with large, wagon wheel light fixtures, and an old time finish out using lots of antique shiplap. It brought back found memories of my trip to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich in the 80’s.  It has the appeal of a comfortable warm interior with lots of wood and plenty of space, two of my favorite things since I remodel.

Another great feature about the bar, which if you live in East Dallas and frequent Greenville, is that it has a huge parking area in back. It makes going to the bar a breeze and so much easier than parking 3 blocks away or waiting on a  suspicious looking valet to get your car.


The Unique Concept

What separates Craft and Growler from just about every bar in town is the ability to order beer to go. You come in,


grab a growler off the wall of wooden shelves ( they have all sorts of really cool ones), or bring your own and they will fill it up with your choice of micro brewed beer and send you on your way. They even have 2 quick “to go spots” in back for people that just want to get in and out.  I bought mine last night which is a 2 liter, I think, and filled it up. I’m looking forward to cracking it open tonight.

Of course, the real pleasure is coming in, sitting at the bar and sampling several beers before you order the one you want. I sampled 4 different beers, including Lone Star’s new Bock ( blah) before I settled on Peticolas Wintervention which is a great, dark, strong Ale brewed here in Dallas.

Definitely a bar I wil put on my regular rotation. The only suggestion I would have for the owners is to get some windows that open and put some chairs out on the front sidewalk so patrons can enjoy the weather.




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