Rahr Angry Goat Dobble Bock

I love my boch beer, I like the heavy flavor and I love the malt with the easy light Hopps to back it up. It’s my kind of beer.
So when I had Rahr’s Angry Goat, I found another beer that I was in hog heaven for its malty flavor.  I have had this beer a few times and decided it deserved a review. This time I had it on draft which took it a notch higher.r1

First off, Rahr is another new Texas Microbrewery, which I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am that this state is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts with its beer industry. Founded in 2004 Rahr has slowly become a North Texas Beer lover’s companion. I can barely go into a bar worth its grain of salt and not see Rahr on tap.


Angry goat is a double bock, which means it has a higher alcohol content than normal  (about 8%) and almost an undetectable hint of hops with a double shot of malt. This bock is also wheat based which helps to balance it out. Rahr went the extra step to make this a great beer by adding fruit and spices such as bananas and clove. The bananas bring you in with memories of childhood, and the buzz reels you back with the hammer of malt and alcohol. It’s enough to make a sane man beg for more and cry like a Nancy girl when denied. A great smooth bock and well worth the time and money.


4 out of 5 burps.


Lakewood Punkel Dunkel

punkelLakewood Brewery is located near Dallas in Garland. They have an interesting seasonal I encountered at Double Wide this weekend called Punkel. This is a Dunkel (Dark) beer with a lot of Malt and Pumpkin style spices in it. It’s a smooth beer to drink, smells like Fall and taste like pumpkin with spices of ginger,cinnamon, nutmeg. It is a dark cloudy color with a short head and not very carbonated.

I really liked it, but I thought the spice was a little on the heavy side. I would say this is a great one drink beer and would pair well with a dessert. It is a must try if you like maltier beers with a twist.

Alcohol by volume: 5.4%

Lakewood’s description:

We put the Punk in the Dunkel. Dunkels are dark lagers with a smooth malt flavor. We kick it up with some pumpkin spice for an easy drinking German session beer. Perfect for those fleeting Texas fall days spent watching the grackles fly south to their favorite grocery store parking lots.

Food Pairings: Fall fare like Venison, Corny Dogs and Halloween candy.

I give it 3.5 out of 5.

Peticolas Wintervention

logo_peticolas_badgePeticolas is a new micro brewery that popped up here in Dallas in 2009. Being a Dallasite myself, I am always wanting to support my local breweries and bars to imbibe in my glutenous consumption of beer. I have run into Peticolas a few times and this time decided to do a review. Since it is January, it made since to do a Winter brew and I picked Wintervention as my poison of choice.  I was glad I did.  Peticolas instructs this this beer:

Our dark strong winter ale is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. A full bodied ale meant to be enjoyed during the cold winter months with family and friends. English hops and high quality malts give this beer its backbone. All spices are provided by local spice maker, Pendery’s, a mere half block from the brewery. The spices in the Wintervention compliment the spices in many holiday treats, while the hops provide the perfect contrast.

Wintervention has a nice smooth head with a good mix of spice. For me the nutmeg and ginger did a great job of bringing in this time of year in a brew. The head was moderate and they did a very nice job of balancing out the hopps and malt. Being a malt man myself, I wish their was a little more punch in that direction. But, the beer went down smooth and I even ordered a large growler to take home with me of this beer.

3.5 out of 5 burps.


Franconia Dunkel Review

Franconia_Dunkel_clearI’m a Dallasite and recently a local Dallas brewer arrived on the scene to start making German inspired beers. Franconia Brewery, as they are known makes several beers, including this Dunkel.  I have tried a couple of their beers to date and have been underwhelmed thus far.  On their site, they call their dunkel:

“Dark Lager with some Mocca notes and a dark chocolate finish.”

I have had this beer twice now and while it takes a stab at being a German beer, it almost seems like it is trying to Americanize the German beer experience by taking a normally Dark malty Dunkel and watering it down to resemble a big American brewery beer. You are simply left wanting more flavor. Its almost like drinking air. Too light for my buds and hard to even call it a dunkel without rolling your eyes. 2 out of 5 burps.

Sam Adams The Vixen

Sam Adams just came out with a new line of beers which come in large 22oz bottles and creative patches for the art. The bottle catches your eye with its size and looks. The beer doesn’t disappoint either. While it was high in alcohol at 8.5% it had a smooth after taste with some heat. While I was drinking it, whipped cream with chili in the mix came to mind. It has a nice malty taste that wasn’t over the top with a good mix of nuts and a touch of cinnamon.  The pour was also darker than I imagined with a thick creamy head and good aroma upon inspection.  I give it 4.5 out of 5 burps.

Shock-Top Belgium White Beer

I recently bought a 12 pack of this beer on my way to Taos, NM. I was looking for something different and enjoy Blue Moon so I thought I would try another companies version of a Belgian White. Problem is the beer is bland. If someone were watering down Blue Moon, this is what it would taste like. Its not a terrible beer, but what appeals to me about Blue Moon, the Orange Peel simply is not strong enough. The beer comes off like a soft drink, a sierra mist if you will. Plenty of carbonation but short on flavor. 2 out of 5 burps.

Samual Adams defective glass bottle

Not sure if anyone else has had this happen but it bothered me enough to blog about it. I opened a new bottle of Sam Adams yesterday with a bottle opener and the cap came off with no problem. The problem was so did the lip of the bottle. I’ve probably opened thousands of beers this way over the years and never had this happen before. See the image I included. Not sure what the cause of it was but I ended up with a shard of glass in my finger and a wasted beer. Fluke? or some manufacturing flaw? Sam Adams should bang on their glass suppliers door and see what is going on.

Sierra Nevada Porter

This beer comes in a short stock brown bottle with a sky blue label which seems so inviting I had to try one. They are brewed in Chico, CA and is moderately carbonated.  It has a pleasant subtle smell to it of malt and barley.  The flavor is where I get slightly short changed. I suppose not every brewer out there wants to make a nice rich tasting stout porter but this porter is a little more mild than my taste buds care for.  It leaves you wanting more flavor and the aftertaste is just too dry for me.   The bottle says it uses the highest quality ingredients and uses old world traditions. I am not clear exactly what that entails but I don’t think they used much brown malt.

Over all I would give it 3 out of 5 burps.

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

So I am reviewing this beer after having had 3 other beers tonight. Surprisingly they were all good and I am just now getting around to typing up a review. I like to do the review while it is fresh. Unfortunately my typing and eloquence start suffering after 3 beers. Shiner Black Lager is a very good beer. It is not overly carbonated and the taste is not too heavy. It is a moderate lager and doesn’t try to hit you hard with too much flavor. The malts are well balanced and proportional. It has a nice head on it and comes in a dark bottle with a black Jack Daniel’s looking label. Definitely a beer I would recommend if you want a smoother beer to drink with a milder malt flavor than some lagers.

3.5 out of 5 burps.

Saint Arnold Lawnmower

Saint Arnold Microbrewery is out of Houston, Tx, which, since I am a Texan, makes me proud. Unfortunately this particular beer doesn’t have a Texas sized taste to it. It has a lot of carbonization and a decent malty flavor to it but it lacks a real punch in the flavor area. The brew master seems to have held back on this beer in the flavor department. I am not saying it is a bad beer, it has a pleasant smell, but it is just too bland and unidimensional. Overall I would rate it 2.5 burps out of 5.