Timisoreana Beer Romania

Probably the oldest beer in Romania

( by our man Thrifty in Romania)

Beer in Romanian is called Bere, so not much different there, any tourist can get one anywhere.. and at a cheap price.

Its been brewed here in Romania for about 300 years, since 1718 and is now owned and run by URSUS breweries linked to SAB Miller, yet another fine beer. Ursus that is…review coming soon.

the beer tonight is Timisoreana, abv 5.0% vol

In true style I have consumed 2 Ltrs (about 4 pints give or take a squiff)… and it’s a pleasant, smooth drink that in my experience does not leave one with a big hangover in the morning, unlike other brands.

Quality High

Price low cost

Hangover effect minimal

the exact cost of my 2 Ltrs was 5.2 Ron (Romanian money), in GBP thats £1.02 pounds in US dollars about $2.04.

A pleasant drink and well worth the visit to Romania. I will be reviewing more beers here soon.

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