Trappist Beer is out and you better get your ass into gear

Considered a must have beer that has been brewed for thousands of years by Belgian monks, this incredibly raretrappist beer is finally, and very temporarily available in a special 6 pack in select states here in the U.S. It will probably be sold out by the time you read this, which sucks. And since I am in Texas and these monks saw no reason to send it here, I will have to continue to wonder just how damn good this brew is on my buds.

The Belgian monks that brew this beer only make about 3800 gallons a year, I’m pretty sure me and my friends consume that on an annual basis. None the less they shun cash, but hat has caught up with them.  They desperately need a new roof, and that cost big bucks for these spartan paupers. So, lucky for a few select U.S states and those lucky enough to grab a 6 pack of this beer for $86 a taste of divine inspiration.  This is a sweet beer and sometimes criticized for that reason, but true connoisseurs appreciate the Monk’s skill. So if you are lucky enough to grab a bottle, let me know what you think and post a review. Good Luck!

For an oddly homemade looking site to figure out where this beer is available go here. 


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