Rahr Angry Goat Dobble Bock

I love my boch beer, I like the heavy flavor and I love the malt with the easy light Hopps to back it up. It’s my kind of beer.
So when I had Rahr’s Angry Goat, I found another beer that I was in hog heaven for its malty flavor.  I have had this beer a few times and decided it deserved a review. This time I had it on draft which took it a notch higher.r1

First off, Rahr is another new Texas Microbrewery, which I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am that this state is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts with its beer industry. Founded in 2004 Rahr has slowly become a North Texas Beer lover’s companion. I can barely go into a bar worth its grain of salt and not see Rahr on tap.


Angry goat is a double bock, which means it has a higher alcohol content than normal  (about 8%) and almost an undetectable hint of hops with a double shot of malt. This bock is also wheat based which helps to balance it out. Rahr went the extra step to make this a great beer by adding fruit and spices such as bananas and clove. The bananas bring you in with memories of childhood, and the buzz reels you back with the hammer of malt and alcohol. It’s enough to make a sane man beg for more and cry like a Nancy girl when denied. A great smooth bock and well worth the time and money.


4 out of 5 burps.