Peticolas Wintervention

logo_peticolas_badgePeticolas is a new micro brewery that popped up here in Dallas in 2009. Being a Dallasite myself, I am always wanting to support my local breweries and bars to imbibe in my glutenous consumption of beer. I have run into Peticolas a few times and this time decided to do a review. Since it is January, it made since to do a Winter brew and I picked Wintervention as my poison of choice.  I was glad I did.  Peticolas instructs this this beer:

Our dark strong winter ale is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. A full bodied ale meant to be enjoyed during the cold winter months with family and friends. English hops and high quality malts give this beer its backbone. All spices are provided by local spice maker, Pendery’s, a mere half block from the brewery. The spices in the Wintervention compliment the spices in many holiday treats, while the hops provide the perfect contrast.

Wintervention has a nice smooth head with a good mix of spice. For me the nutmeg and ginger did a great job of bringing in this time of year in a brew. The head was moderate and they did a very nice job of balancing out the hopps and malt. Being a malt man myself, I wish their was a little more punch in that direction. But, the beer went down smooth and I even ordered a large growler to take home with me of this beer.

3.5 out of 5 burps.